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Inventory Management

iDealerServices, has been in business, servicing automotive dealers in several markets, across the country !
We are powered by two main platforms:

  • Homenet
  • Netlook

These are very strategic partnerships, and allow us the flexibility, to offer our services, to automotive dealerships ranging from single , or multiple locations within one dealership group.


Photography and Video

Partnering with the dealership to get quality photographs online in a timely and efficient manner is our priority. During each service visit, our field reps check in and out with their store contact, ensuring a focus on days to photos, as well as quality captures.

iDealerServices Lot Service

Comprehensive Online Inventory Management Lot Service

Professional 5-day a week Online Inventory Management
iDealerServices, Inc. offers a comprehensive online inventory management lot service. The iDealerServices Lot Service is uniquely designed to help dealers achieve the highest possible online inventory percentage while keeping dealer management informed as to the status of their ever changing inventories.


Inventory numbers change daily and new issues arise daily as vehicles are taken in via trade or purchased at auction and delivered to the lot. As we are on site Monday through Friday, photographing and monitoring the flow of vehicles, we can process units the day they arrive on lot or the day they clear recon.

If there is a reason we cannot process a unit, we will communicate to management the status of each vehicle and why it was not serviced. As a part of our online inventory management, we have specific processes and practices in place to increase the level of communication between our Field Service Reps and your Managers.

5 Day Premium Lot Service


  • 5 Day a Week Service - Mon-Fri
  • Daily Check in / Check out
  • Physical Lot Walk
  • Daily Not Retail Ready Report
  • Daily Inventory Health Report
  • Monthly Manager Meeting


  • Professional Field Service Reps
  • Pre Recon / Short Shooting
  • Retail Shooting
  • Light Box and Photo Booth Shooting


  • Printed and applied by our FSR at time of retail photo shoot
  • Smart Phone readable QR Codes link to VDP or marketing data.
  • CARFAX window sticker highlights available
  • Unit Specific Reviews and Awards data on sticker


  • Live video exterior and Interior tour
  • Dealer branded bump in / out
  • Text to speech or background music
  • Custom video overlays
  • Dealership YouTube Channel, SEO and Optimized Video
  • Unlimited feeds


  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Enhanced Branding
  • Accommodates overlays
  • Create a Dramatic Impression


  • Superior Customer Support
  • Full ILM (inventory listing manager)
  • Full Data aggregation and unlimited feeds
  • Rules based Comment Builder-custom or auto generated comments
  • Printable Be Back brochures with photos
  • Smart Overlays
  • Custom Placards you can position within the photo set

Professional Photography Service

Professional Field Service Reps:

All of our employees go through an extensive background check which includes criminal, financial, DMV and drug testing. Each FSR also spends two weeks of training at our corporate training facility to learn proper procedures and processes required to photograph, video and maintain your on-line inventory. Additionally, they receive two weeks of in-market mentoring so they are familiar with the specific requirements of the dealerships they service. Quarterly, all of our FSRs are evaluated and ranked in our Top Gun/Quality Review program to help assure our continued growth in quality. Our FSRs are arrive at your dealership in a iDealerServices vehicle and wear a iDealerServices uniform so you never have to worry about the appearance of our employees. They are trained to act and conduct themselves in a professional business manner.

All of our Field Service Reps are employees of iDealerServices and are fully covered under Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Further, iDealerServices, Inc. is fully insured and we will provide you a Certificate of Insurance upon request.

Professionally Designed Window Stickers

Custom Branding for Franchise and Independent Dealerships

Professionally designed window stickers using the highest quality, exterior polyester labels ensures your branding is superior to the competition. Don’t settle for less. Our design team will also create CPO stickers, addendum stickers and FTC compliant buyer’s guides.

Photo Enhanced Backgrounds

Make the car the star with customized digital backgrounds. Replace busy and distracting clutter in the background of photos with a consistent digital image that can showcase an enhanced dealership-specific background.

Interactive 360 Spins:

Consumer controlled, 360° WalkAround® virtual experience allows consumers to feel like they’re right on your lot, next to the vehicle they’re considering. Full exterior and interior spin with close-up and hotspot tagging, so your shoppers can get an up-close view from any angle.

360-Spin-Ext-Int-3 (1)

Background Enhancements

Turn Photos of your Inventory into Works of Art
Background Enhancements are a great way to improve the consistency of your (SRP) Search Results Page. Our digital backgrounds are custom created to fit your need. Show off your beautiful building, feature a local landscape or give the impression of a light/photo booth. If you can imagine it, we can do it.

Key Features of Background Enhancements:

  • Create consistent SRP look.
  • Clear background clutter from photos
  • Improve branding
  • Have all your vehicles in front of a beautiful background
  • Highlight individual vehicles
  • Eliminate need for Photo/light booth

Background Enhancements make a wonderful first impression and greatly improves your branding. Enhanced photos of your Pre-Owned Inventory encourage customers to click through to the Vehicle Detail Page to find out more. Perception is reality and if your vehicles look better than the competition that gets you one step closer to closing more sales.

Craigslist Marketing

Utilize Listing Intelligence

As the name suggests, SmartListing’s posting logic ensures the right mix of vehicles will be posted on Craigslist. Our extensive database looks at Craigslist markets and states nationwide to determine which years, makes and models have generated the most leads in the last 12 months. This research results in an improved auto-selection of vehicles and eliminates guesswork.

Gain Flexible Filtering

With SmartListing, you control your vehicle classified ad posting frequency, inventory type and price:

  • Advertise your vehicles to multiple Craigslist markets for increased exposure.

Generate Leads In Multiple Ways

Phone Calls & Texts

  • Smart Listing assigns a local tracking number to your dealership.
  • Every Craigslist ad features a unique text number, enabling us to track your results.
  • Customers can text vehicle questions to you anytime, including after hours and on holidays.
  • This technology is increasing lead volume for automobile dealers by an average of 30%!


  • With Smart Listing, car shoppers can use the “reply to” option in the ad to email you directly.


  • Website click traffic is routed to a customized landing page for each respective vehicle via Smart Listing.

Track & Record Your Results

SmartListing tracks and records all form submits, phone calls, texts and emails from your Craigslist ad:

  • Monitor your ROI with our daily and weekly marketing reports

Who We Are !

iDealerServices started out with one mission. Creating eBay listings, in the Chicagoland area!
Soon, we found ourselves in the Central Florida market.

2 years later, we were a small company, employing 5 full-time photographers, providing our services to a dozen dealerships.

Fast forward to housing bubble burst, and we sold our little company to Kelly Bluebook.
8 months later, autotrader buys out Kelly Bluebook, and we found ourselves back to being solo and independent, and much better service, than being attached to an 800 pound gorilla, of a company!

iDealerServices rarely says no! That is what makes us unique. We find a way, to create custom lot photo/video solutions, and take each client as it’s own unique scenario.

Live Video Walk-Around

Shoppers want the same experience they get at a dealership. Full-motion, walkaround videos offer a full 360° exterior walkaround and interior view.

360-Spin-Ext-Int-2 (1)

Window Stickers

Connecting your on-the-lot experience with your digital presence has never been more important than it is now. Our Window Stickers emphasize brand awareness, instill customer confidence, and vibrantly tell your story to your potential buyer to unify their shopping experience and present them with the information they need to make a purchase decision. With Xcite’s new Legal Size Window Sticker, you have more room than ever to share “why buy here” statements, F&I options, SMS text communication options, and more.


Buyers Guide

The FTC can penalize dealerships $41,484 per violation for vehicles that do not have the correct Buyers Guide displayed on used car inventory. That’s per vehicle! With our on-the-lot techs handling your compliance and sticker application needs, you can be confident that you will not be violating the FTC Used Car Rule in the event of a surprise compliance inspection. Need custom verbiage on your Buyers Guide? Our expert consultants will work with you to make sure you give the customer the information you want without violating FTC rules.


QR Codes

From restaurant menus to real estate flyers, QR codes are now commonly accepted as a way for customers to get more information. With QR codes on your Xcite Window Stickers, you fill that need while increasing your conversion rates from traditional ups, whether they visit during operating hours or not. With QR codes that point to the VDP, your prices will always be current and you can avoid embarrassing customer accusations regarding advertising differences.

Image Overlays

Create custom, dynamic image overlays with dealership- and vehicle-specific content.

image-1 (1)